Hey, Poker Peeps. I'm Sky.

I teach micro and low stakes online poker players how to play profitable poker. It’s tough going from losing or break-even poker play to becoming a consistent winner. But if you stick with me and take action with the strategies I teach, you’ll get there.

Let’s do this!

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The Smart Poker Study Podcast

The top-ranked poker podcast that delivers critical play and study strategies along with action steps that force you into action for more effective learning because…

Action is the greatest teacher.

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Choose one of the collections below to learn critical strategies and useful action steps that boost your poker skills in the area you’re most concerned with.


Effective Studies

How to study with purpose to improve your skills and avoid information overload

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Exploitative Poker

Learn to exploit every player with your Poker HUD and earn more pots & value

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Poker's #1 Skill: Hand Reading

I’ll help you learn this crucial skill so you can “read their souls” and dominate