Hey, Poker Peeps. I'm Sky.

I teach micro and low stakes online poker players how to play profitable poker. It's tough to become a consistent winning online player. But if you stick with me and take action with the strategies I teach, you'll get there.

Let's do this!

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1-Day 3bet Bluffing Course

The Strategies You NEED to Make Successful 3bet Bluffs and Win More Preflop Pots TODAY.

Start winning back your course investment in the first hour with: 

  • 25 videos that teach you profitable 3bet bluffing strategies
  • How to spot folders and when to pull the trigger on 3bet bluffs
  • The effective 3bet sizes that will convince them to fold
  • How to win the pot post-flop in case they call your 3bet
  • Demonstration videos so you can see the strategies in action
  • Review strategies to learn from your own hands and prior mistakes

Online Poker Hand Reading Workbook

Learn to Hand Read Your Online Poker Hands with This 87-page Workbook.

Finally! Learn to hand read with: 

  • 6 parts with 28 individual workbook exercises… with answer keys!
  • Videos: 2 hand reading demonstrations, 6 quizzes and 7 additional demonstrations with student's hands
  • 17 hand reading walkthroughs and exercises
  • 45 hand reading exercises with hands from your own database
  • Downloadable Hand Reading Exercise Synopsis to keep you on track and record your hand reading lessons learned

1-Hour Poker Study Workbook

This is the system I used to turn myself into a winning online poker player through purposeful study and play.

It has everything you need: 

  • Build study and play time into your schedule
  • Measure your results to find and plug your leaks
  • Create your own action steps to practice what you learn
  • Learn from your own database of hands
  • Avoid poker overwhelm

Get More From PokerTracker 4 Course

Learn how to efficiently improve your skills with poker's #1 database and HUD software.

Finally! Your ticket to growth with: 

  • Over 7 hours of “do as you consume” video instruction over 26 videos.
  • Action steps to propel your PT4 usage even further.
  • 83 downloads: Quick Filters, pre-built Reports, trackers and cheat sheets, ranges and range/board interaction spreadsheets.

Flopzilla Pro Course

The 3.75 hours of “do as you consume” training will guide you step-by-step in using Flopzilla Pro to build your skills and profits.

Learn these critical aspects of Flopzilla Pro (and more): 

  • Create preflop ranges for every type of action to help play the player
  • Analyze range and hand equities for improved decisions
  • Understand range and board interaction for more bluffs and value
  • Review your hands to find mistakes and plug leaks
  • Plan for future cards with the graphs/hotness functions
  • Analyze bluffing spots to earn more than your “fair share” of pots

The Smart Poker Study Podcast

The top-ranked poker podcast that delivers critical play and study strategies along with action steps that force you into action for more effective learning because…

Action is the greatest teacher.