In April of 2017, I challenged myself to 28 Days of Poker Study.  Completing 28 days of study wasn’t a challenge, as I’m studying everyday anyway.

The challenge of it all came from sharing my entire journey with you daily via my Smart Poker Study channel.  I also shared all of my study notes, one-sheets and mind maps created through these studies.

During the 4 weeks, I hit 4 topics for one full week each at one hour per day (just like I’ve always recommended).

Everything I studied and learned in these 28 days went into my second book How To Study Poker Volume 2.

Below, you’ll find the first video from each week of study.  In each of these videos I show you how I planned for the week of study.  You can watch the videos below then proceed to the next day in the week via YouTube if you’d like.  Or, you can visit the YouTube Playlist for 28 Days Season 1 to see all 33 videos in the series.

Get a blank copy of the Weekly Poker Study Plan for your own use.

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Week 1 Topic: Assigning Accurate Opponent 2bet Calling Ranges

Week 2 Topic: Filtering Through Hands with PokerTracker 4

Week 3 Topic: Facing Flop Raises as the Cbettor

Week 4 Topic: Assessing and Preventing Tilt

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