Poker coaching is integral to becoming the best poker player you can be.  A coach is able to spot leaks and opportunities that the student fails to see because they lack the knowledge or they're too close to the situation.

I asked my audience for 20,000+ hand databases and they delivered!  Each of these videos came from brave poker people willing to expose their play to the world!  Thank you all so much for this opportunity to help you with 5 minutes of my coaching.

For everyone visiting this page, these videos are a resource to help you find and plug leaks in your poker game.  Scroll down for a leak you suffer from, follow what I do within PokerTracker 4 to find hands to study, then get to work on and off-the-felt.

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First Poker Leak: “I lose money when I open-raise then call 3bets in unprofitable situations.”

Second Leak: “I lose money when I play too many hands from the EP.”

Third Leak: “I lose money when I fail to double-barrel.”

Fourth Leak: “I lose money by calling instead of 3betting with worthy hands from the BTN.”

Fifth Leak: “I lose money when I fail to double-barrel large enough.”

Sixth Leak: “I lose money by cbetting every street too frequently.”

7th Opportunity: “I lose out on profits by failing to take advantage of my opponent’s display of weakness (turn).”

8th Opportunity: “I lose money when I call with inferior hands on the river.”

9th Opportunity: “I lose money when I bet then call on the river.”

10th Opportunity: “I miss out on pots when I play too passively post-flop.”

11th Leak: “I lose money when I double-barrel cbet and then call the river bet.”

Behind the Scenes of the 11th Leak: losing money when double-barreling and calling the river

12th Leak: “I lose too much money when calling out of the SB.”

Behind the Scenes of the 12th Leak: losing money when calling from the SB

13th Leak: “I lose money when I limp.”