Most Common Leak New Students Have: Losing Too Much In The Blinds

Losing too much in the blinds is a leak many new students of mine have.  Let me help you plug this all-too-common poker leak. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: The Leak of Losing Too Much In The Blinds Let’s start this off with a sobering reality: You’re going to lose […]

Mother’s Day Q&A – Helping You Become the Player You’re Meant to Be

Mother's Day Q&A

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I love releasing new Q&A episodes. My mom’s guidance was instrumental in my life, and I love paying it forward to my audience. Q&A’s allow me to help you with exactly what you need to know along your path to becoming the player you want to be. Happy Mother’s Day! […]

The Top 5 Ways to Improve with PokerTracker 4

PokerTracker 4 is the most useful software for online poker players. In this podcast you’ll learn 5 ways to utilize this value program to improve your game. Listen to this episode as you follow along below: Is your site compatible with PokerTracker 4? If your site is listed here, but you don’t have PokerTracker 4 […]

Do you know why you’re betting?

Betting for no reason is a huge leak as it leads to thoughtless, -EV decisions. If you’re just betting to bet or raising to raise, you’re spewing chips at your opponents and the smart ones will be able to capitalize on that. In this episode, I discuss the 3 real reasons to make any bet […]

Q&A: Hand Reading to Build Poker Math Skills

I answer 3 questions about poker math and hand reading, and I give you a strategy for learning both skills simultaneously. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: Q1: How to Learn Any Poker Math Concept From: Vincent Q: Hi Sky.  I would like to improve my knowledge of poker math. For example: […]

4 Tools to Learn Poker’s Top Skill of Hand Reading

I want to share with you 4 different tools that will help you finally learn poker’s top skill of hand reading. Two of these are absolutely free, and the other two cost a few shekels, but they’ll turn you into a hand reading master… wayyyyy faster. Start your hand reading education with this demonstration video. […]