Here’s Your New Poker Journal

My new and FREE Poker Journal will improve mental clarity, organize your studies, find leaks and track your progress. Get your FREE Poker Journal here: Download and open the journal, then listen to the podcast as you follow along below:   Action First, Learn Later Download the free Poker Journal (in the form above). After […]

Every Study and Play Session Is Your Time To Shine

Every play session and every study session is your time to shine. These are your opportunities to be the player that you want to be. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below:   I love the expression, “It’s your time to shine.” It reminds me of my time as a restaurant manager. […]

Before Calling Preflop, Plan for Post-flop Float Bets and Probe Bets

I will help you plan and execute float bets and probe bets. These are great post-flop bluffs when the time, and the opponent, is right. Listen to episode #360: How Often Do You Hit Flops? The #1 reason players call preflop is because they have a hand they want to see the flop with. They […]

Jan Philippi Interview | Psychologist and Poker Mindfulness Teacher

I had the great opportunity to interview Jan Philippi. He’s an ex-poker pro, psychologist, mindfulness teacher, positive psychology trainer and psychotherapist in training. He’s a great coach and has a wealth of positive mindfulness tips he gives us in this episode. Listen to our interview:   Or watch Jan and I on YouTube: Jan and […]

Leak 3: Open Limp | Podcast #189

In this episode, I teach you why the open limp is a leak and how to quickly fix it. This episode was originally published on 6.2.18 and re-released on 9.23.21. What Are You Saying With Your Open Limp? What is the first preflop move that will definitively tell you a player at your table is […]

11 Profit Boosting Solutions to Poker Losses | Episodes #240 and #358

I share 11 problems that are costing you money and 1 simple profit boosting solution for each.  Let’s get to work, people! The original podcast episode #240 went out on June 6th, 2019:   On September 16th, 2021, I posted an addendum episode #358 called “Your INSANITY is Causing Your Losses”. You’ve heard the famous […]