Here’s Why You Should Play Online No Limit Holdem Poker

I’m sharing the top 3 reasons why I love playing online no limit holdem poker, plus two huge mistakes I made when I began my online journey. Listen while you follow along below: I made the transition from LIVE poker to online poker in 2006 and I never looked back. Man, do I love it. […]

How to Experiment with “New” Poker Strategies the Smart Way

It’s time for you to experiment with “new” strategies. I’m purposefully using “new” because the strategies you need to experiment with are probably not really new. They’re just strategies that you don’t often do, so your expertise is probably low. It’s “new” to you. For example, donk betting. You probably see lots of donk betting […]

Do This BEFORE You Play Poker Again for Quick Improvement

If you do this strategy before your next session, you will actively work on your poker skills. What’s this thing you MUST do? Review losing hands, find the mistakes you’ve made, take note of them then work to NOT repeat ’em. Sound simple? It is. Let’s get into it. Watch this podcast episode on YouTube: […]

How to Have Fun Playing Loose and Aggressive Poker

I had a great loose and aggressive session the other day. Good results and even better fun was had sticking it to my opponents. Let me show you what I focused on to play looser and more aggressive than I usually do.   Download the audio podcast for this episode here and follow along below. […]

How to INSTANTLY Play Better Poker WITHOUT Studying

I’m going to help you play better poker in your very next session and for the rest of your poker journey and, the best part, you don’t have to do ANY STUDYING! Yeppers, if you hate studying poker, this is right up your alley. Watch this podcast episode on my YouTube channel: Prefer audio podcast? […]

Tight-Aggressive Style: Making Money in Microstakes Online Cash Games

Bright idea: a tight-aggressive style (TAG) makes money in the microstakes! I created a 4-part series of videos called the KISS Cash Game Ranges Series (you can find them below). My KISS ranges were first introduced in my book Pre-flop Online Poker and they are designed to turn you into a tight-aggressive player. This gives […]