Preflop Raise or Fold ONLY Challenge

Are you ready to raise or fold ONLY preflop? This is my 3-day challenge to you. You got the guts to play all-aggression preflop? No limping or calling allowed. *My Challenge Results Below!* Watch this episode’s video on the Smart Poker Study YouTube Channel:   Or, listen to the podcast as you follow along with […]

30 Day Podcast Challenge Complete | Podcast #36

30 day challenge

I did it!  I completed my 30 Day Podcast Challenge!  Day 30 of 30 is here.  Thanks for listening and joining me on this adventure. In episode #35 I taught you why you should develop ways to tackle the regs in your games through skill #10 in Ed Miller’s book ‘The Course.’ 30 Day Challenge Complete […]

Heads Up Poker Challenge

Heads Up Poker Challenge

I was looking for a way to improve my SNG results as I’d been seeing too many 2nd place finishes and not enough 1st place finishes.  I also recently came 2nd place in a big MTT which was great but a little disappointing b/c 1st paid about 25% more prize money.  I felt that my […]

3bet Resteal Poker Challenge

I’m subscribed to the mailing list of, and the coach behind the site, Nick Wealthall, recently sent out a poker 3bet re-steal challenge he called ‘Re-steal for the Win.’  I decided to take him up on this to see what I could learn from it. I play a lot of MTT’s and this seemed […]

30 Days of Posts Challenge – COMPLETED!

“It was a long and difficult 30 days… he’d never done anything like this before… he wasn’t sure he’d complete the task when he had begun…” And so begins the final post in my 30-Day Challenge to Write a Blog Post Every Day.   This was the perfect challenge for me to take on these […]