This Preflop Range Challenge Will Make You Money

I gave myself a preflop range challenge: Play 5,000 hands in 5 days strictly with the KISS Cash Game Ranges. Spoiler: I crushed it! $45 in winnings ($5 buy-in games) with a +17.84bb/100 hands win rate, while running a super tight 14/11 game. Get the KISS Cash Game Ranges and the Challenge Tracker here:   […]

Preflop Raise or Fold ONLY Challenge

Are you ready to raise or fold ONLY preflop? This is my 3-day challenge to you. You got the guts to play all-aggression preflop? No limping or calling allowed. *My Challenge Results Below!* Watch this episode’s video on the Smart Poker Study YouTube Channel:   Or, listen to the podcast as you follow along with […]

30 Day Podcast Challenge Complete | Podcast #36

30 day challenge

I did it!  I completed my 30 Day Podcast Challenge!  Day 30 of 30 is here.  Thanks for listening and joining me on this adventure. In episode #35 I taught you why you should develop ways to tackle the regs in your games through skill #10 in Ed Miller’s book ‘The Course.’ 30 Day Challenge Complete […]

Heads Up Poker Challenge

Heads Up Poker Challenge

I was looking for a way to improve my SNG results as I’d been seeing too many 2nd place finishes and not enough 1st place finishes.  I also recently came 2nd place in a big MTT which was great but a little disappointing b/c 1st paid about 25% more prize money.  I felt that my […]

3bet Resteal Poker Challenge

I’m subscribed to the mailing list of, and the coach behind the site, Nick Wealthall, recently sent out a poker 3bet re-steal challenge he called ‘Re-steal for the Win.’  I decided to take him up on this to see what I could learn from it. I play a lot of MTT’s and this seemed […]