Q&A: Hand Reading to Build Poker Math Skills

I answer 3 questions about poker math and hand reading, and I give you a strategy for learning both skills simultaneously. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: Q1: How to Learn Any Poker Math Concept From: Vincent Q: Hi Sky.  I would like to improve my knowledge of poker math. For example: […]

4 Tools to Learn Poker’s Top Skill of Hand Reading

I want to share with you 4 different tools that will help you finally learn poker’s top skill of hand reading. Two of these are absolutely free, and the other two cost a few shekels, but they’ll turn you into a hand reading master… wayyyyy faster. Start your hand reading education with this demonstration video. […]

Top 5 Tips for Better Hand Reading without Using Solvers

The ability to figure out what poker hands your opponent could be holding, also known as hand reading, is one of the key aspects of your game. The best poker players in the world are using solvers to train this process and understand ranges in different situations. Listen to this article as a podcast: However, […]

Finding Leaky Hands to Study with PokerTracker 4

I get lots of emails from listeners and Poker Forge members about plugging their leaky spots. These leaky spots cause them to lose money and potentially stay at their current buy-in level for a really long time. One of the study techniques I like to guide people towards is studying their database of hands in […]

How to do Poker Hand Reading

Hand reading is the #1 skill in poker, and it’s well worth the time it takes to perfect your use of it both on- and off-the-felt. What is Hand Reading in Poker? Hand Reading (aka Hand Ranging) is assigning a player a logical range of hands based on their actions, then making the most +EV […]