Jan Philippi Interview | Psychologist and Poker Mindfulness Teacher

I had the great opportunity to interview Jan Philippi. He’s an ex-poker pro, psychologist, mindfulness teacher, positive psychology trainer and psychotherapist in training. He’s a great coach and has a wealth of positive mindfulness tips he gives us in this episode. Listen to our interview:   Or watch Jan and I on YouTube: Jan and […]

An Interview with Bernard Lee of ‘Poker Satellite Success’

Bernard Lee Interview

I had a fantastic opportunity to interview Bernard Lee about his new book, Poker Satellite Success.  Get it on Amazon Also available directly from D&B Poker We discuss his super useful new book (I read it and I’m using the strategies to win Venom satellite tickets). His book came out just in time for the […]

An Interview with Mindset Coach Pat Bailouni

I had the opportunity to interview mindset consultant Pat Bailouni (website PatBailouni.com) who is a trained Demartini Method Facilitator. He’s also a financial market trader and he uses his understanding of human behavior and psychology to help traders, poker players, entrepreneurs and athletes sharpen their edge in their respective fields. Check out his recent article: […]

Interview with Duncan Palamourdas of ‘Why Alex Beats Bobbie At Poker’

I loved Why Alex Beats Bobbie at Poker. Duncan Palamourdas has a gift for conveying poker strategy through stories and examples. You might think a math guy like Duncan (he teaches math and poker at UCLA) would write an overly complicated and hard-to-digest math-heavy book, but nothing could be further from the truth. He blends […]

Brad Wilson is Chasing Poker Greatness

I interview Brad Wilson of the new ‘Chasing Poker Greatness’ podcast.  He’s a professional poker player and founder of EnhanceYourEdge.com and has turned his attention to the podcast world through interviews with noted poker players and influencers. Brad Wilson is Chasing Poker Greatness This is Brad’s second time on the show after breaking-off another hundo […]

Interview: Steve Fredlund of the RecPoker Podcast | #215

In this episode, I interview Steve Fredlund of the RecPoker Podcast and we discuss his poker history, the podcast and LIVE tournament poker. In episode 214, I answered questions about what preflop considerations, making better calls and what to do when AK misses. Steve Fredlund interview (6:35) RecPokerTraining.com has only been round a couple years […]