Let’s Plug Poker Leaks and Improve Results – For Cash Games and Tournaments

Poker leaks are actions that you continually make that cost you money. And cash game players and tournament players can suffer from the same leaks. They can be preflop leaks like too frequently limping or calling from the small blind.  They can be post-flop leaks like folding to every cbet without holding a pair or […]

Quickly Fix 8 Costly Poker Leaks – Symptoms, Fixes & Action Steps

Let’s fix some costly leaks! As a poker coach, one of my most important roles for my students is being a leak finder and plugger. It’s my job to determine what mistakes are costing my students money, and I give them strategies to cut the losses. A big blind saved is a big blind earned, […]

Do you know why you’re betting?

Betting for no reason is a huge leak as it leads to thoughtless, -EV decisions. If you’re just betting to bet or raising to raise, you’re spewing chips at your opponents and the smart ones will be able to capitalize on that. In this episode, I discuss the 3 real reasons to make any bet […]

Leak 3: Open Limp | Podcast #189

In this episode, I teach you why the open limp is a leak and how to quickly fix it. This episode was originally published on 6.2.18 and re-released on 9.23.21. What Are You Saying With Your Open Limp? What is the first preflop move that will definitively tell you a player at your table is […]

Turn Your Poker Weak Points Into Strong Points

turn weak points into strong points

You must tackle your poker weak points and turn them into strong points. In this article and podcast, I give you the 3 key elements of doing exactly this. But first… Here’s what you need to do… Choose your BIGGEST WEAK POINT and devote the next 2 weeks to improving it. All of your study […]

The 3 Things You MUST Do Before Hiring a Poker Coach

So, you’re thinking about hiring a poker coach? Great idea. Your coach will figure out your areas of opportunity, give you strategies to improve your skills and he’ll help you grow into the player you want to be. However, your coach will naturally begin by tackling all your easy-to-spot areas of opportunity: the low hanging […]