Do These 5 Things With Flopzilla Pro EVERY Time You Study

I credit using Flopzilla Pro for most of my poker improvement. These are the 5 things I use it for during EVERY study and coaching session. You MUST use Flopzilla Pro, regardless of an online or LIVE poker journey (get Flopzilla Pro here). It’s incredibly useful for reviewing hands, learning equities and hand reading. The […]

Q&A: Hand Reading to Build Poker Math Skills

I answer 3 questions about poker math and hand reading, and I give you a strategy for learning both skills simultaneously. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: Q1: How to Learn Any Poker Math Concept From: Vincent Q: Hi Sky.  I would like to improve my knowledge of poker math. For example: […]

3 Steps to Effectively Learn Any Poker Math Concept

I give you 3 simple steps to effectively learn any poker math concept, regardless of your math abilities. This episode is taken from a poker math training video at my online training site, Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: Step 1: One Poker Math Concept At a Time Avoid overwhelm […]

Counting Outs and Making Profitable Calls

Do you understand outs and odds math? Do you use it to make profitable post-flop drawing calls? There is a huge issue that many players face… they don’t know how to determine whether their draw is worth chasing. Maybe you’ve faced this problem: You flop a flush draw and your opponent bets 2/3 pot. You […]

Don’t Respect the Player, But Always Respect the Math!

Always respect the math! Poker’s one big math problem and in this article, I show you the critical importance of 4 poker math concepts. Applying these mathematical bad boys will improve your profitability. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: The idea for this article came from a 1-on-1 coaching session with […]

The Math Behind 7 Tilting Situations and How to Respond | Poker Podcast #210

I discuss 7 tilting situations, the math behind each and what you can do to respond effectively to them.  It takes lots of work to get beyond tilt, and this one’s going to help you immensely. In episode 209, I answered 3 questions about playing 3bet pots, improved cbetting and set mining. Improving Our Reaction […]