Before Calling Preflop, Plan for Post-flop Float Bets and Probe Bets

I will help you plan and execute float bets and probe bets. These are great post-flop bluffs when the time, and the opponent, is right. Listen to episode #360: How Often Do You Hit Flops? The #1 reason players call preflop is because they have a hand they want to see the flop with. They […]

Poker and the Minimum Effective Dose | Podcast #87

The minimum effective dose is the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.  In this podcast series, I’m giving you the minimum effective dose strategies among 10 different themes you MUST learn to turn yourself into the profitable poker player you want to be. Updated! Originally posted August 16, 2016. The 10 MED’s of […]

SMARTER Goals and Developing Good Habits | MED #10 Class 5 | Podcast #169

smarter goals

I discuss making SMARTER goals to achieve your dreams in 2018, along with developing the habits that will drive you toward them. In episode 168, I discussed the importance of getting enough sleep, eating healthy, moving more and improving your mind through some self-improvement techniques I follow. SMARTER Goals (3:15) “Set your goals high and […]

Sleep, Eat, Move, Improve… Your Mind | MED #10 Class 4 | Podcast #168

sleep eat move

In this episode: Sleep, Eat, Move.  I discuss the importance of getting enough sleep, eating healthy and moving more being critical aspects to improving your life and your poker game. In episode 167, I answered 4 of your questions about improving skills, playing online, poker definitions and the PFR Stat. Sleep, Eat, Move, Improve… Your Mind […]

Study Session Mindset Techniques | MED #10 Class 3 | Podcast #166

study session mindset

I discuss some off-the-felt study session mindset techniques I use to get the most out of my poker study time. In episode 165, I discussed the poker mindset techniques I use throughout my play sessions to stay in a +EV, A-game mindset. Study Challenges & Solutions (2:55) 1st Challenge: I was averse to studying in […]