Develop a Growth Mindset and Burst Through Your Limits

It’s critical that you approach your poker with a growth mindset. Saying things like “I’m going to figure this out” and “I’m going to analyze this player until I figure out all their weaknesses” are better than saying negative things like, “I can’t do this” or “I can never understand these opponents”. Listen to podcast […]

Getting to Poker’s Fantasy Land

Let’s get to poker’s Fantasy Land! What is this, you ask? Fantasy Land is being in the most profitable spot with every hand you choose to play. It’s seeing EVERY flop in position, as the preflop raiser against 1 other player. Is it possible to reach poker’s Fantasy Land? Probably not. But in this post, […]

6 Ingredients Necessary to Change Any Behavior – Dr. Tricia Cardner

I receive newsletters from Dr. Tricia Cardner of and author of Peak Poker Performance.  On March 23rd she sent an article called “6 Ingredients Necessary to Change Any Behavior”. I found so much value in this article that I wanted to share it with my audience. Dr. Cardner gave me permission to read it on […]

4-Part Plan for Training the Skill of Tilt Control

In this episode, I give you a 4-part plan for training the skill of tilt control (avoiding anger, negative emotions) to improve your poker results and enjoyment at the tables. Listen to this episode as you follow along below: What is tilt? I define tilt as experiencing negative emotions that remove you from your logic […]

Every Study and Play Session Is Your Time To Shine

Every play session and every study session is your time to shine. These are your opportunities to be the player that you want to be. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below:   I love the expression, “It’s your time to shine.” It reminds me of my time as a restaurant manager. […]

Jan Philippi Interview | Psychologist and Poker Mindfulness Teacher

I had the great opportunity to interview Jan Philippi. He’s an ex-poker pro, psychologist, mindfulness teacher, positive psychology trainer and psychotherapist in training. He’s a great coach and has a wealth of positive mindfulness tips he gives us in this episode. Listen to our interview:   Or watch Jan and I on YouTube: Jan and […]