One Until Done with Action! My Favorite Learning Strategy

I help you navigate your poker studies and purposeful play with one of my favorite learning principles: one until done with action. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: Last week I helped you learn poker strategy, not merely expose yourself to it. My Favorite Learning Strategy I believe that the best […]

Make These Two Profitable Exploits with HUD Statistics

I’m going to help you use a few HUD statistics the make two profitable exploits. My Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4 is the most valuable tool in my poker arsenal.  It helps me make +EV decisions every time I play. And, I don’t play on sites that do not allow for a HUD. I like to […]

Most Common Leak New Students Have: Losing Too Much In The Blinds

Losing too much in the blinds is a leak many new students of mine have.  Let me help you plug this all-too-common poker leak. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: The Leak of Losing Too Much In The Blinds Let’s start this off with a sobering reality: You’re going to lose […]

Great Questions Lead to Great Decisions

I help you put more thought into your decisions by asking yourself great questions that force you to utilize the information available to you. Listen to this episode #365 as you follow along below: Most poker players don’t put enough thought into their decisions. Basically, all they do is look down at their cards, compare […]

Exploiting on Anonymous Poker Sites

There are plenty of anonymous sites out there that don’t use screen names and instead use randomized numbers for the players at your table. This prevents long-term tracking of your opponents. You may have heard of (or play on) sites like Ignition or Bovada. Without trackable screen names, playing on anonymous sites is a lot […]

Exploiting Loose-Aggressive Poker Players

In this post (and podcast episode), I’ll teach you the exploiting and chip earning strategies I love to use versus the loose-aggressive (LAG) players at my table. Loose-aggressive players play exactly as their name implies: they throw chips in with a ton of hands, so they’re loose, and normally put in chips as bets and […]