Bread & Butter Poker: The #1 Strategy for Increased Poker Profits

bread and butter poker

Playing for Bread & Butter is the #1 profitable poker strategy. Not only does B&B poker earn you more chips, but it also makes poker more fun, exciting and less frustrating. This page will teach you how to put yourself into this most profitable situation more frequently and how to exploit non-Bread & Butter players. […]

5 Steps to Improve Your Poker Results

I’m going to help you improve your poker results with 5 things you can do starting today. Some of these are easier to do than others, but the great thing about all 5 is that you can do them all starting today, with your very next play or study session. Listen to this episode as […]

11 Profit Boosting Solutions to Poker Losses | Episodes #240 and #358

I share 11 problems that are costing you money and 1 simple profit boosting solution for each.  Let’s get to work, people! The original podcast episode #240 went out on June 6th, 2019:   On September 16th, 2021, I posted an addendum episode #358 called “Your INSANITY is Causing Your Losses”. You’ve heard the famous […]

What am I doing wrong?

Let’s be real. Poker can be infuriating at times. So much so, that most of us who have played the game for a considerable amount of time likely have our fair share of moments where we were forced to question our own sanity. The question below comes from a student of mine who is also […]

Strategies and Action Steps from the Quick Wins Poker Course

I’m about to give you 10 quick and critical strategies and actions steps that will take you from a losing to a winning player. These are the 10 modules within the Quick Wins Poker course which is the first course in The Poker Forge. I’ll give you the most important strategy to take away from […]

How to Start Playing Online Poker – Your New Journey

This page will teach you all you need to know to begin an enjoyable, profitable and rewarding online poker journey. You’re about to learn: The benefits of pursuing an online poker journey The 5 steps to start with bonuses and rakeback What software is a MUST for better performance and studies How it’s possible to […]