Do These 5 Things With Flopzilla Pro EVERY Time You Study

I credit using Flopzilla Pro for most of my poker improvement. These are the 5 things I use it for during EVERY study and coaching session. You MUST use Flopzilla Pro, regardless of an online or LIVE poker journey (get Flopzilla Pro here). It’s incredibly useful for reviewing hands, learning equities and hand reading. The […]

Folding Is Boring and Boring Is Winning

“You might be a losing player if… your hatred of boring poker causes you to play too many hands.” -Sky, channeling his inner Jeff Foxworthy In last week’s podcast episode #343: Slow Is Smart and Smart Is Winning, I took an old sniper motto and applied it to poker. This week, I’m giving it another […]

The Best Texas Holdem Starting Poker Hands & Ranges

Set yourself up for success with the best starting poker hands and ranges for Texas Holdem. Every hand sees preflop action, and making smart choices here will lead to greater poker success.  In this article, I give you profitable preflop ranges for open-raising, calling 2bets, 3betting and calling 3bets.  I also discuss the many considerations […]

Post-flop Poker Playability and Increasing 3bet Aggression

Like most players new to poker study, I’ve heard many pro’s and coaches say things like, “JTs plays well post-flop” and “Q6o doesn’t play so well.”  I never really looked into it to learn more about what playability is or what it means to “play well.”  I just figured “Yep, suited hands can flop flushes, […]

How to Become a Poker Range Master

Beep… beep… beep The counter is ticking down… you’ve only got a few more seconds to make a decision.  “Did he raise on the flop?  There’s a 3rd spade on the turn, does he have a flush?  Is my top pair beat or is he bluffing?  I don’t know what to do!” Does this sound […]

Creating Poker Ranges to Simplify Your Game

poker ranges

I didn’t consider implementing poker ranges in my first few years of playing poker.  One of the problems I used to experience at the tables was what to do with hands that weren’t so obviously strong (AA, AK – raise, raise, raise!) or so obviously weak (27o, J4o – ditch ‘em faster than green grass […]