How to Study Any Poker Course

Have you ever bought a poker course, but failed to finish it? Yeah, me too! Been there, done that, way too many times. What a waste of a great opportunity, not to mention the money I spent on the course. So, after getting fed up with wasting my money on 3 different courses by NOT […]

Purposeful Practice Strategies You MUST Use Starting Today

Do you ever feel like your progress is stagnant and you’re not using new strategies? Like, you’re studying and trying to improve, your wheels are spinning, but you’re not going anywhere? I’m giving you my top strategies for purposeful practice, for playing and studying, that will grow your poker skills. Watch the video for this […]

I Wish I Knew These 6 Poker Strategies at the Start of My Journey

I wish I knew these things at the start of my poker journey! It took me YEARS to become a winning online poker player. Loads of playing and studying, and along the way, there were many lessons learned. Too bad I didn’t learn ’em sooner (like in the first 5 years 😬). I’m going to […]

Ask These Questions to Learn from Hands Played

Finding hands to study is easy… learning from them is tough. I give you 16 useful and insightful questions to help you learn from every hand played. Listen to podcast episode #402 as you follow along below:   Get your FREE 17-page PDF called “5 PokerTracker 4 Study Strategies EVERY player NEEDS to Use”   […]

Find the Fold and Save Money! 4 Skills to Help

Do you know how to find the fold? It’s a skill that all profitable players must learn, and in this episode I give you the 4 skills that will help you save money. Listen to the episode as you follow along below Find the Fold and Save Money Earning value from your best hands and […]

One Until Done with Action! My Favorite Learning Strategy

I help you navigate your poker studies and purposeful play with one of my favorite learning principles: one until done with action. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: Last week I helped you learn poker strategy, not merely expose yourself to it. My Favorite Learning Strategy I believe that the best […]