Valuable Lessons from 263 Heads Up Sit and Go Matches (HUSNG) | Episode 175


I discuss the valuable lessons I learned from playing a full month of HUSNG matches including play the player and staying aggressive. In episode 174, I interviewed poker coach and author Peter “Carroters” Clarke, author of ‘The Grinders Manual’ and ‘100 Hands’. My HUSNG History (2:40) I started as an MTT and SNG player.  I loved […]

The Push/Fold Game in Sit N Go’s

push/fold game

In the last Sit N Go article I discussed the role of ICM in SNG strategy.  Another key part of SNG strategy as the tourney moves on into the middle and late stages is the Push/Fold Game. What is the Push/Fold Game? Push/fold strategy boils down to limiting your choices to either pushing all-in or […]

ICM & Sit N Go Tournaments


ICM (Independent Chip Model) is a formula we use to determine the dollar value of our stack (tournament equity) at a given moment in a tournament.  Knowing this value can help us determine what hands to play when it comes to push/fold strategy later in the tourney when we’re near or on the bubble (OTB). […]

SNG Middle Stage Strategy

SNG Middle Stage Strategy

SNG Middle Stage Strategy requires that you start upping the aggression, as chipping up by stealing blinds and limped pots is going to help you abuse the bubble.  This is when you’ll have to start deviating from the “tight is right” mentality of the early stages and you’ll need to start adjusting to the situation […]

SNG Early Stage Strategy

SNG Early Stage Strategy

Mastering SNG Early Stage Strategy is key in becoming a successful SNG player.   This post will explain the advantages of a “tight is right” strategy in the early stages, will give you opening ranges and will set you up for SNG middle stage success. This is the 2nd in a series of SNG Strategy posts. […]

10 Advantages of Poker Sit N Go Tournaments (SNG)

Sit N Go

Sit N Go Tournaments are currently how I’m tackling my Poker Bankroll Building Challenge.  They encompass all aspects of poker: 6max, full ring, deep & short stacks, bubble play, in the money play and heads up play.  My poker playing career started off with Sit N Go (SNG) tourneys, and they continue to be my […]