Gird Up Your Loins for Aggression – Direct from The Poker Forge

Have you ever heard the term, “gird up your loins”? It means to prepare for action, and it’s from the olden days and the Bible: Proverbs 31:17. This podcast episode is taken from a video in my training site, Let me help you train yourself to get more aggressive in your poker play. Listen […]

The Easy Way to Become a 3bet Bluffer

Let me teach you the easy way to become a 3bet bluffer with this podcast episode and 5 videos on YouTube. Listen to this episode as you follow along below: Or, watch this episode on YouTube:   The 6 Aspects of the Perfect 3bet Bluff In Position – position is power! Hold an Ace, prefer […]

The Easy Way to Become a Hand Reader

I know that hand reading is a tough, time-consuming skill to learn. But, I want to help you learn it the easy way today. Listen to the episode as you follow along below: The Steps to Hand Reading Step 1: Assign a preflop range based on info and actions. Step 2: Narrow that range based […]

Do These 5 Things With Flopzilla Pro EVERY Time You Study

I credit using Flopzilla Pro for most of my poker improvement. These are the 5 things I use it for during EVERY study and coaching session. You MUST use Flopzilla Pro, regardless of an online or LIVE poker journey (get Flopzilla Pro here). It’s incredibly useful for reviewing hands, learning equities and hand reading. The […]

HUD Reliability: Number of Hands and Sample Sizes

Let’s discuss the number of hands it takes for HUD reliability, as well as individual HUD statistic sample sizes for trusting the percentages. Listen to episode #407 as you follow along below:   HUD Reliability: It Happens Sooner Than You Think! The HUD is a tool that when used properly helps you exploit your opponents. […]

My 5 Favorite Q&August Episodes from the Daily Tips Podcast

Here are my 5 favorite questions and answers from the Daily Poker Tips Podcast in August 2022. I answered your questions daily for the month, and I think the 5 answers below are going to be the most helpful to my audience. Answers to questions on downswings, the red line, auto-piloting, better bluffing and fighting […]