How to Study Poker Volume 1

Techniques For Making You A Better Player Today Than You Were Yesterday

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the poker content out there?

Are you looking for a system of poker study that will help you master one skill at a time, while keeping you away from poker concept overload?

How To Study Poker Volume 1 is the first of it’s kind: a poker book that teaches you how to work out poker strategies for yourself on and off the felt.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Proven strategies for building all-important foundational skills into your game
  • How to avoid lazy learning and to actively get the most from every piece of poker strategy content out there
  • 25 different and simple study techniques as well as the single most under-utilized yet extremely beneficial technique the pros don’t want you to know about
  • 27 Action Steps to get you improving your game ASAP
  • A BONUS: My FREE workbook with a pre-built study plan to save you time and jump-start your poker journey . . . And so much more!

What poker players have said about How To Study Poker Volume 1:

“This book is just what I needed . . . about 16 months ago!” -Dennis P.

“I think the book is great. You are filling a place that deserves attention.” -David O.

This book is intended for No Limit Hold’em players, both LIVE and online, who want to improve their poker game and are willing to put in the time necessary to learn the skills that will propel them through poker’s ranks.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed in poker by getting this book now!

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Listen to Chapter 2: The 4 Characteristics of Great Poker Minds

Listen to Chapter 17: Game Tape – The Most Underutilized Yet Beneficial Study Technique

Listen to Chapter 12: Build Strong Poker Play And Study Habits

The 5 Steps to Fulfilling 30-day Challenges:

  1. Have a Goal – How will completing this challenge benefit you?
  2. Make a Plan – What do you have to do to complete this challenge?
  3. Start Small – Completing 1 challenge is better than setting 3 and failing.
  4. Plan for Failure – If you don’t complete your work for one day, how will you get back on track?
  5. Create a Reward – Having an incentive will help to spur you to complete the challenge.

Download the 30-day Challenge Tracker

Check out this Great Poker Habit Building video related to Chapter 12

How to Study Poker Volume 1 Table of Contents

  1. How This Book Will Help You

Part I: The Poker Student Mindset

  1. Characteristics Of Great Poker Minds
  2. Developing Skills To The Level Of Unconscious Competence
  3. Improving Poker Skills With Purposeful Practice
  4. Utilizing The Learning Process Model
  5. Directing Your Studies By Asking Great Questions

Part II: Plan Your Poker Journey In Six Steps

  1. Step 1. Determine Where You Want Poker To Take You
  2. Step 2. Set SMART Poker Goals
  3. Step 3. Choose The Necessary Skills That Will Get You There
  4. Step 4. Create A Weekly Plan For Improving Your Game
  5. Step 5. Keep A Journal & Track Your Progress
  6. Step 6. Build Strong Poker Play And Study Habits

Part III: Study Techniques For In-Game Work

  1. Poker Session Warm-ups & Cool-downs
  2. Control Tilt With Logic Statements
  3. FOCUS Sessions: Building Skills While Playing
  4. Volume Sessions: Learning While Earning
  5. Game Tape: The Most Underutilized Yet Beneficial Study Technique

Part IV: Study Techniques For Off-The-Felt Work

  1. Utilizing 25 Different (And Simple) Study Techniques
  2. Getting The Most From PokerTracker 4: The Best Suite Of Online Tools
  3. PokerTracker 4: Common Statistics For Analysis
  4. Getting The Most From Flopzilla: The Best Calculating Software
  5. Hand History Reviews For Analyzing Your Game And Finding Leaks
  6. Learning From Poker Strategy Content
  7. Teaching Poker To Learn

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