Poker Courses

I've taken all the insights I've learned from my years of poker play, study and coaching to create these valuable poker courses.

Each course consists of multiple videos and action steps that will improve your play and study skills. 

It's critical that you watch each video and take notes, then TAKE ACTION with the steps I give you. “Action is the greatest teacher” and it's the most effective way to improve.

3.75 Hours of "Do As You Consume" Training (13 videos) and a 19-Page Workbook + Answer Key to Learn Every Aspect of Flopzilla Pro

Over 7 Hours of Training to Get the Most From PokerTracker 4

3.5 Hours of Instruction on Exploiting Anonymous and Unknown Players

Everything You Need To Begin A Profitable Online Poker Journey

Know That You CAN Pursue a Profitable Online Poker Journey

30-Days+ Deep Dive Courses

Hand Reading Will Improve Your Skills and Study Efficiency

29 Study & Play Techniques to Improve ANY Poker Skill