I developed each product below for the purpose of helping you to become a greater force to be reckoned with on the felt.  Every purchase made helps to support this site and the podcast, and I truly appreciate your support.  Please send any questions to sky@smartpokerstudy.com.

The Poker Forge – monthly training membership

The Poker Forge membership is all about active learning and will give you the knowledge and tools you need to turn you into a winning poker player.

Through the multiple monthly videos, the incredibly valuable guided action steps, the video quizzes and the monthly LIVE Q&A, you’ll learn professional strategies for playing winning poker.

This membership will help you cut through the “poker information overload” that all poker players suffer from. Now you have just one place to go for the professional poker strategy teachings with action steps that force you to practice what you learn. You will finally have the tools to turn yourself into the player you want to be.

Free Bonus: Access to the Quick Wins Poker Course for all Forge members ($197 value)

Learn more and join the Poker Forge here.


The Poker Study Boot Camp

The Poker Study Boot Camp teaches you the study strategies that you MUST use to out-learn and out-earn your competition.

You’ll learn on- and off-the-felt techniques to use in a variety of situations. Your study time will become more effective and you’ll build critical money-making poker strategy skills faster than ever before.

Join the Boot Camp


The Quick Wins Poker Course

The Quick Wins Poker Course will revolutionize your game to turn you from a losing to a winning online poker player in the shortest amount of time possible.

You’re going to learn the simplest yet most profitable strategies that will finally have you seeing positive win rates and bankroll growth. Once you learn each strategy, they’ll seem like no-brainers and you’ll wonder why you never learned nor followed them for yourself before now.

There are 10 modules containing 39 videos and additional downloadable resources. The modules follow in a logical progression so your skills will build one atop another until you just can’t help but play profitable poker.

Click here to learn more about the Quick Wins Poker Course.


My Smart HUD

Smart Cash Game HUD Screenshot

The Smart HUD (for PokerTracker 4) is a robust and jam packed heads-up display I developed to bring my online poker game to the next level.  It comes with a Cash Game HUD (pictured on the left) as well as a 6max MTT HUD and a Full-ring MTT HUD.  It also comes equipped with 6 custom built popups with more detailed stats presented by position and street.

Click here for screen shots and to learn how the Smart HUD can help you destroy your opponents.


LIVE Webinar Recordings

Poker Mathematics Webinar

The Poker Mathematics Webinar was a joint project between myself and Mark Warner of ExceptionalPoker.com.  He’s an extremely knowledgeable poker coach and an accomplished player.  It was a joy doing this webinar with him.

Poker is one big math problem, and we cover the most common spots you encounter in every session you play.  We’ll show you how the math works, how to practice it off the felt then ultimately how to use it on the felt for more profitable decision making.

It took a lot of off the felt study and on the felt practice for us to bring our skills up to the level we’re at now.  We’re happy to share with you how you can do the same.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 2 hour and 24 minute ‘Poker Mathematics Webinar’ comes with 7 bonuses.


Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4 Webinar

The Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4 Webinar will teach you how to maximize your use of the world’s greatest poker tracking software. Exploit opponents, track your play and dissect your game to bring massive improvement to your bottom line.

Through years of daily PT4 use, not just the HUD, but all the off-the-felt aspects of it as well, I’ve developed a solid understanding of its capabilities.

I’ve been using PT4 to improve my game and my student’s games with its incredible filtering and hand history review capabilities. It’s the perfect software for finding and fixing leaks. It also tracks your progress (hands played, tourneys played, $ won/lost, etc.) and that of your opponents.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 55 minute ‘Getting the Most From PokerTracker 4 Webinar’ comes with 13 bonuses.


How to Study Poker Webinar

The How To Study Poker Webinar will teach you how to improve your game by planning your studies ahead of time and committing to at least :30 of daily study.

This is a study guide for those willing to WORK SMARTER to OUT-PERFORM and OUT-PROFIT their opponents.

I’ve found over 20 ways to study poker and each of them can be applied to any skill or strategy you’re working on.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 50 minute ‘How to Study Poker Webinar’ comes with 5 bonuses.  These include a PDF of my book How to Study Poker Volume 1 and the audiobook version as well!


Mashing the Micros Webinar

The Mashing the Micros Webinar teaches you the how to break out of the micro stakes and build your bankroll through simple, common sense strategies.

The biggest challenge every micro stakes player faces is building a bankroll while navigating the mine fields full of stationy-fish, ultra-aggressive donks and multi-tabling regs.

This is why I’ve dedicated so much time to studying and playing the micro stakes, and now I bring you all I’ve learned in this 1:36 webinar.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 36 minute ‘Mashing the Micros Webinar’ comes with 4 bonuses.


Getting Aggressive Webinar

The Getting Aggressive Webinar shows you how to profitably add aggression to your game. Whether it’s to take down more pre-flop pots, effectively donk lead or check-raise the flop, get value out of our best hands, or to bluff more rivers, adding aggression can be a profitable endeavor.

But you’ve got to be smart when adding aggression to our game.

In this webinar I’ll teach you HOW TO FIND profitable spots to use aggression to take down more pots and to get the most value from your value hands.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 40 minute ‘Getting Aggressive Webinar’ comes with 4 bonuses.


Opponent Destruction

Opponent Destruction Webinar

The Opponent Destruction Webinar teaches you how to analyze your opponents off-the-felt so that you can destroy them on-the-felt.

I show you how to do this utilizing PokerTracker 4.  You’ll learn to do a deep dive into your database of hands and learn from the hand histories of your most prolific and challenging opponents.

I will help you find preflop and post-flop tendencies to exploit, as well as gain an understanding of how your opponents approach their draws and nutted hands.  You’ll also analyze their open-raising, 2bet calling and 3betting ranges.  With all of this information, you’ll devise a plan to destroy them at your next confrontation.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 55 minute ‘Opponent Destruction Webinar’ comes with 3 bonuses.


Expert Hand Reading Webinar

Expert Hand Reading Webinar

The Expert Hand Reading Webinar teaches you the logic behind hand reading, as well as my 4-step process for doing so.

I show you how knowing your opponent’s HISTORY, player type, stats and tendencies is the first step.  Next, you’ll take what you know along with their pre-flop actions to ASSIGN a pre-flop range to your opponent.   After this, you’ll use their post-flop actions street by street to NARROW their range.  Finally, you’ll DESTROY your opponent with great value bets or well placed bluffs.  Or you’ll DITCH the hand because you’ve accurately put them on a strong range that won’t fold.

The work in this webinar is all done with PokerTracker 4 and Flopzilla, a perfect 1-2 combo for hand reading practice.  The thing about hand reading is that it takes time and effort to develop it as an in-game skill.  This webinar will get you started and will motivate you to work hard on developing this skill.

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 54 minute ‘Expert Hand Reading Webinar’ comes with 4 bonuses.


Rejamming Like a BOSS

Rejamming Like a BOSS

Tired of getting to the tourney bubble with a short stack and holding on for dear life?  The Rejamming Like a Boss Webinar will teach you how to build your stack with Rejamming!

Rejamming is 3bet shoving over a pre-flop raiser to pickup his raise, the blinds and antes.

Learn how to do so profitably and safely!

Click here to get $5 off the webinar as a “thank you” for visiting this page.  This 1 hour and 11 minute ‘Rejamming Like a BOSS Webinar’ comes with 3 bonuses.



My Books

Preflop Online Poker – PDF and Audiobook

Are you tired of “poker information overload” and not knowing what to study next to improve your skills?

Have you ever asked yourself if learning poker was easier, what would it look like?

In this action-oriented book, I present an easy-to-follow road map that will help you build necessary pre-flop skills, making online poker easier and more profitable.

In Preflop Online Poker, you will find:

Finally, a path to improving your poker game. No more hopscotching from skill to skill, touching each and mastering none. Preflop Online Poker will help you topple poker’s dominoes on your way to the ultimate destination… Poker Excellence.

What you’ll receive:

Click here to get the PDF and Audiobook versions of Preflop Online Poker.


How to Study Poker Volume 1 – PDF

How to study poker volume 1How To Study Poker Volume 1 is the first of it’s kind: a poker book that teaches you how to work out poker strategies for yourself on and off the felt.

This book is intended for No Limit Hold’em players, both LIVE and online, who want to improve their poker game and are willing to put in the time necessary to learn the skills that will propel them through poker’s ranks.

I know you’re tired of passively learning poker from videos, books, articles, podcasts and webinars.  The 27 Action Steps contained within are just what you’ve been waiting for. Simply wanting to improve and doing the bare minimum of study just isn’t enough.

You must set a goal for your poker journey and have a plan to develop the skills that will get you there.  You need to systematically work on building these skills one at a time. This style of purposeful practice is what you’ve been looking for.

Also contained within are over 25 different study methods.

How To Study Poker gives you the study techniques you need to up your skills to compete in today’s games.

Click here to get the PDF version of How to Study Poker Volume 1.


How to Study Poker Volume 2 – PDF

Struggling to improve your skills? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of poker information out there? Do you wish you could master one strategy at a time instead of scratching the surface of 3bets, Cbets, Final Table Play or whatever else hits your inbox that day?

How to Study Poker Volume 2 will teach you how simplifying your studies and cutting out the “poker overwhelm” can put you on the road to mastery!

I will show you exactly how to plan your daily studies around one central theme to take your skill development to new heights.

In this follow-up to the Amazon Bestseller How to Study Poker: Volume 1, I use the study techniques from that book and show you how to put them to use through 28 days of poker study that I actually completed. You’ll see all the content I studied, my hand reading practices, my database reviews and filters, many poker equity calculations and all the lessons I learned through this process.

I demonstrate:

Finally, you will no longer be overwhelmed by all the poker information out there.

Click here to get the PDF version of How to Study Poker Volume 2.



I coach online micro stakes players from 2NL to 100NL.  Please contact me directly via email to sky@smartpokerstudy.com for more information and to see how I can help you improve your game.  I do full-on coaching in bi-weekly sessions or one-time database analysis sessions to find your leaks and give you ways to fix them.

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