My poker training videos below are organized by YouTube Playlist.  You can click here to just go to my YouTube Channel (don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and click the bell).  Or, you can click a playlist below to see all videos related to that subject.

66 Days of Hand Reading

66 Days of Hand Reading page imageIn September of 2017, I challenged myself to a whopping 66 Days of Hand Reading… and this is the single best thing I’ve ever done for my poker game!  Just doing the work was great for improving my skills.  But, broadcasting all of it via my Smart Poker Study channel and explaining my thought process as I went through every hand forced me to put a lot of thought behind each range-narrowing decision I made.  See how I do hand reading practice.


28 Days of Poker Study – Season 1

In April of 2017, I challenged myself to 28 Days of Poker Study.  The challenging aspect of this came from sharing my entire journey with you daily via my Twitch. I also shared all of my study notes, one-sheets and mind maps created through these studies.  Over the 28 days, I studied 4 topics for one full week each at one hour per day (just like I’ve always recommended).  Check out how I plan and conduct my studies.


PokerTracker 4 Training Videos

PokerTracker 4 poker training videosPokerTracker 4 is my poker tracking software of choice.  I’ve created videos to help you use PT4 (reports, HUD, HH reviews, etc.) as well as videos that explain HUD Statistics and using them to exploit opponents.  Go to the PT4 playlist.


Poker HUD Analysis Training Videos

HUD heads up display poker training videosEvery serious online poker player needs to use a HUD (heads-up display).  It helps you to stay ahead of the competition and to fully exploit the weak players at the table.  Go to the HUD Analysis playlist.


Poker Focus Session Videos

Poker Focus Session VideosFocus Sessions are required in order to help ingrain new concepts into your game.  When you play a standard session of 4+ tables you don’t have the time to fully think through any new concepts you’re learning.  You need to focus on one or two tables and actively look for spots where your new skills can come into play and be practiced.  That’s what I teach you through these videos.  Go to the Focus Sessions playlist.