In September of 2017, I challenged myself to a whopping 66 Days of Hand Reading… and this is the single best thing I’ve ever done for my poker game!

Just doing the work was great for improving my skills, but broadcasting all of it via my Smart Poker Study channel and explaining my thought process as I went through every hand forced me to put a lot of thought behind each range-narrowing decision I made.

In order to make the hand reading a bit more exciting for myself, I figured out how to find hands from my PokerTracker 4 database without knowing who won the hand nor what my hole cards were.

Varying the Range Analysis

Throughout the 66 days, I rotated my hand reading between the Hero’s Range, the Villain’s Range and both ranges simultaneously.  Normally these exercises take me 10 minutes a pop when I’m doing it just for myself.  But, a lot of these videos ended up be way longer due to me explaining all my ranging decisions to the Twitch audience along the way.

I posted 4 videos below from the series.  The first is Day 1, then I chose 3 random days where I ranged the Hero, Villain and both at the same time.  You can watch just these 4 to get a feel for how I practice hand reading and range the players involved, or you can visit the YouTube Playlist for the 66 Days of Hand Reading to see all 66 videos in the series.

Throughout these videos you’ll see how I use my HUD to gauge the preflop ranges my opponents are playing with.  Click here to get a copy of my Smart HUD.

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Day 1: Hand Ranging the Villain

Hero’s Range on Day 15

Villain’s Range on Day 42

Both Ranges on Day 62