Post-flop Online Poker

The 4 Post-flop Fundamentals of Hand Reading, Continuation Bets, Poker Math and Exploiting Your Opponents.

In this follow-up to Preflop Online Poker, Sky teaches you the fundamental post-flop skills you MUST learn to profit in online poker.

The insanely useful strategies presented here are clear and concise and taught with many hand examples that demonstrate profitable poker play. Sky will quiz your understanding throughout the book, and he’ll have you taking action on- and off-the-felt with 55 different actions steps.

This isn’t just a read-it-in-5-days-and-shelve-it poker book. This book is your new poker coach; teaching you strategies and expecting you to use them. Then when you’re ready, repeating the process with the next valuable set of strategies.

In Post-flop Online Poker, you will learn:

  • How to do the most important poker skill: Hand Reading. You’ll then use this skill throughout the rest of the book to drive home each valuable strategy.
  • How to make profitable bluff and value cbets utilizing all the information available to you.
  • How to use poker math to make +EV decisions that rake your opponent’s chips into your stack.
  • How to defend against cbets profitably with check-raises, floats, probes and even donk bets.
  • Poker mindset skills to keep you focused on profitable strategies both on- and off-the-felt.

Your next poker coach is right here in your hands. Post-flop Online Poker will help you build the necessary skills on your way to the ultimate destination of Poker Excellence.

Don’t wait. Get this book NOW and begin learning from your new poker coach.

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Listen to Chapter 5: Domino 5.3 – Narrowing Ranges Post-flop

Listen to Two Mindset Moments from the Book (#6 and #10):

I believe that working on your poker mindset is critical to developing your skills as a player, and it’s something you can do right from the start. “Mindset Moments” are woven throughout the book.

These mindset moments are quick and helpful mental game tips. The idea is that you just finished a chapter and learned some new strategies. While you implement them, you can simultaneously work on a mental game aspect like utilizing warm-ups before your sessions, dealing healthily with downswings or developing good habits on- and off-the-felt

Here's a Demonstration of One of the 55 Action Steps in the book:

Learn How to Exploit Positional Polly from Chapter 9: Domino 6.2 – Making Out of Position Cbets

Here's an in-game demonstration of another action step: Train For Consistent HUD Use

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Fifth Domino – The Skill of Hand Reading

Chapter 3: Domino 5.1 – How to Hand Read

Chapter 4: Domino 5.2 – Assigning Preflop Ranges

Chapter 5: Domino 5.3 – Narrowing Ranges Post-flop

Chapter 6: Domino 5.4 – Practicing Hand Reading On-the-Felt

Chapter 7: Sixth Domino – Continuation Bets

Chapter 8: Domino 6.1 – Cbetting in Bread & Butter Spots

Chapter 9: Domino 6.2 – Making Out of Position Cbets

Chapter 10: Domino 6.3 – Utilizing Board Texture

Chapter 11: Domino 6.4 – Double and Triple Barreling

Chapter 12: Seventh Domino – Post-flop Math

Chapter 13: Domino 7.1 – Making Decisions with Expected Value

Chapter 14: Domino 7.2 – Utilizing the Break-even Point

Chapter 15: Domino 7.3 – Exploiting with HUD Statistics

Chapter 16: Eighth Domino – Defending Against Continuation Bets

Chapter 17: Domino 8.1 – Raising and Check-Raising

Chapter 18: Domino 8.2 – Calling, Floating and Probing

Chapter 19: Domino 8.3 – Donk Betting

Chapter 20: The Thrilling Conclusion

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