Preflop Raise or Fold ONLY Challenge

Are you ready to raise or fold ONLY preflop? This is my 3-day challenge to you. You got the guts to play all-aggression preflop? No limping or calling allowed. *My Challenge Results Below!* Watch this episode’s video on the Smart Poker Study YouTube Channel:   Or, listen to the podcast as you follow along with […]

Use Well-placed Aggression to Put the Regs on Tilt | Podcast #277

I’m going to help you become a thorn in your opponent’s side to put them on tilt by using well-placed aggression against them. Your regular opponents (good TAG and LAG players who use a HUD) have expectations of how you currently play, and this may or may not already tick them off.  One of the […]

Leak 5: Failing to Make the Aggressive +EV Play | Podcast #194

I discuss the leak of skipping +EV aggressive plays because you’re afraid of losing money, making a mistake or looking like a fool. In episode 193, I answered 3 questions about how you can work on tilt control, how to not act too fast and I give you a weekly game plan for study and […]