How To Win $20 To $50 Tournaments – From Alex Fitzgerald

This article from Alex Fitzgerald over at will help you profit in the lucrative world of $20 to $50 online multi-table tournaments. Listen to podcast #404 as you follow along below: Join Alex’s newsletter for daily strategy emails and videos at Get Alex’s course, How To FINAL TABLE The $50,000 Guaranteed!, for only […]

‘Exploitative Play in LIVE Poker’ by Alexander Fitzgerald | Podcast #231

I review ‘Exploitative Play in LIVE Poker’ by Alex Fitzgerald, and I give 3 of my favorite action steps that I took away from this book. In case you missed episode 230, I reviewed Tommy Angelo’s book ‘Waiting for Straighters’. This is the second episode of April: The Month of Poker Books. Get Exploitative Play in […]

Alex Fitzgerald Returns | Smart Poker Study Podcast #53

Alex Fitzgerald Returns

‘TheAssassinato’ Alex Fitzgerald returns in today’s episode!  He’s fresh off of two $109 MTT wins and he shares some strategies that led him to final table dominance.  He’s also got what looks to be the greatest poker webinar ever coming up on Saturday, April 16th, 2016: ‘Master Poker With Only One Hour A Day: Anyone […]

Alex Fitzgerald Interview | Smart Poker Study Podcast #43

Alex Fitzgerald Interview

Today’s bonus episode is an Alex Fitzgerald interview.  “Assassinato” is a poker pro with over $3M in online poker tournament winnings; A prolific Poker Coach who has taught over 1,000 students; He writes poker strategy articles and books; Has his own blog; He creates poker strategy webinars where he teaches how to think about the game […]