Bet Size Matters… So Pay Attention!

Bet size matters, and it’s fully in your control with every aggressive play you make. Whether it’s going all-in for 88bb’s or donk betting just 1bb. This is one of the great parts of playing no limit versus limit poker. Having a choice in bet size gives the no limit player more options as well […]

Find the Fold and Save Money! 4 Skills to Help

Do you know how to find the fold? It’s a skill that all profitable players must learn, and in this episode I give you the 4 skills that will help you save money. Listen to the episode as you follow along below Find the Fold and Save Money Earning value from your best hands and […]

The Best Texas Holdem Starting Poker Hands & Ranges

Set yourself up for success with the best starting poker hands and ranges for Texas Holdem. Every hand sees preflop action, and making smart choices here will lead to greater poker success.  In this article, I give you profitable preflop ranges for open-raising, calling 2bets, 3betting and calling 3bets.  I also discuss the many considerations […]

Q&A: Post-flop Bet Sizing, Upping Aggression and Total Implied Odds | Episode 157

total implied odds

In this episode, I answer three of your questions about post-flop bet sizing, working to increase your aggression and total implied odds. Q1: Post-flop Bet Sizing (2:20) This came in from Han Trinh: The issue is post-flop value bet sizing against different board textures, when to slow play or fast play, and when to be […]