Most Common Leak New Students Have: Losing Too Much In The Blinds

Losing too much in the blinds is a leak many new students of mine have.  Let me help you plug this all-too-common poker leak. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: The Leak of Losing Too Much In The Blinds Let’s start this off with a sobering reality: You’re going to lose […]

Blind Versus Blind Situations: Preflop Online Poker Excerpt | Podcast #192

I play for you “Blind Versus Blind Situations”, a chapter from my latest audiobook, Preflop Online Poker. In episode 191, I discussed the leak of ignoring your physical health and what you can do to get on a healthy track. Sub-domino 4.3: Blind Versus Bind Situations (4:20) The 3 Blind Versus Blind Considerations (4:20) Follow Your […]

Your Poker Leaks #3: Losing Too Much in the Blinds | Podcast #38

losing too much in the blinds

Losing too much in the blinds is a leak many of us have.  Listen to this podcast to discover how to fix this leak and exploit it in others. In case you missed it, in episode 37 where I answered some listener Q’s about online poker in the US, my podcast format and my SNG opening […]

Stealing the Blinds in Poker Cash Games

stealing the blinds

Stealing the blinds is defined as raising pre-flop from the Cutoff, Button or the Small Blind in an attempt to collect the blinds. Stealing the blinds in cash games might seem like a wasted endeavor.  We’re often playing 100bb+ stacks, and the blinds only represent at most 1.5% of our stack.  It’s not like a […]