Figuring Out the Best Flops to Bluff On with Flopzilla Pro

In this episode, I give you the number 1 lesson I’ve learned from years of using Flopzilla Pro and how you can use this software to improve your flop play. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: The #1 Lesson I’ve Learned from Flopzilla Pro I’ve been using Flopzilla and the newest incarnation […]

Folding Is Boring and Boring Is Winning

“You might be a losing player if… your hatred of boring poker causes you to play too many hands.” -Sky, channeling his inner Jeff Foxworthy In last week’s podcast episode #343: Slow Is Smart and Smart Is Winning, I took an old sniper motto and applied it to poker. This week, I’m giving it another […]

How to Start Playing Online Poker – Your New Journey

This page will teach you all you need to know to begin an enjoyable, profitable and rewarding online poker journey. You’re about to learn: The benefits of pursuing an online poker journey The 5 steps to start with bonuses and rakeback What software is a MUST for better performance and studies How it’s possible to […]

Profitable Poker Questions and Answers from the Poker Forge

I answer 3 questions from Poker Forge members about playing profitable poker.  We’re talking bankroll rules, Flopzilla for skill building and value betting. Profitable Poker Questions and Answers Today’s questions came directly from my monthly LIVE Q&A for Poker Forge members.  Want to learn more or become a member so you can get the answers […]

Flopzilla | ‘The Hand Reading Lab’ Part 3 | Podcast #68


Today I teach you about the most valuable hand analysis tool available, Flopzilla, and how it’s revolutionized my poker game and my hand reading skills. In episode 66 I taught you basic hand reading, and how understanding percentage form can lead to assigning more accurate pre-flop ranges. Flopzilla and H.A.N.D. Reading Podcast Mission (4:25) My mission […]