Purposeful Practice Strategies You MUST Use Starting Today

Do you ever feel like your progress is stagnant and you’re not using new strategies? Like, you’re studying and trying to improve, your wheels are spinning, but you’re not going anywhere? I’m giving you my top strategies for purposeful practice, for playing and studying, that will grow your poker skills. Watch the video for this […]

Your Poker Study Guide for 2021

We’re in the throes of 2021 and isn’t it about time you developed a strong poker study habit? Too many of us go willy-nilly from one video to the next, or binge listen to dozens of podcasts without even putting one piece of poker strategy to use.  Well, no more! This is your Ultimate Poker […]

Strategies and Action Steps from the Quick Wins Poker Course

I’m about to give you 10 quick and critical strategies and actions steps that will take you from a losing to a winning player. These are the 10 modules within the Quick Wins Poker course which is the first course in The Poker Forge. I’ll give you the most important strategy to take away from […]

Game Tape Excerpt from How to Study Poker | Podcast #136

game tape

In this episode I play an excerpt from my book ‘How to Study Poker’ about utilizing Game Tape to improve your poker game. In episode 135 I discussed how to plan your double-barrels before you fire that initial flop cbet. Due to the Game Tape reviews I’ve been conducting in my Twitch study streams, I’ve received many emails […]

Game Tape | Smart Poker Study Podcast #11

Game Tape

Poker Game Tape helps to find your leaks, increase concentration, spot simple mistakes you didn’t know you were making, catch tilt creeping in and dissect your opponents. In case you missed it, in episode 10 I helped you get a good nights sleep after a poker session and gave you some strategies to deal with your tilty […]