Achieve Your SMART Poker Goals in 2022

I help you develop SMART poker goals and a plan of action to help you succeed in 2022. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: 2022 Begins… I love creating goals. They spur me to take action to achieve the things I want in poker and in life. But here’s the thing for […]

Your Poker Study Guide for 2021

We’re in the throes of 2021 and isn’t it about time you developed a strong poker study habit? Too many of us go willy-nilly from one video to the next, or binge listen to dozens of podcasts without even putting one piece of poker strategy to use.  Well, no more! This is your Ultimate Poker […]

3 Steps for Achieving Your 2021 Poker Goals

I want to help you achieve your 2021 poker goals. The new year is always an opportunity to make some important changes in your life and to strive for new things that are important to you. This post will help you do exactly that within your poker journey. Maybe you’ve played poker for years and […]

5 Key Concepts for Poker Study Noobies | Episode #205

key concepts for poker noobies

In this episode, I discuss the 5 key concepts that every fresh-faced poker student must explore.  It’s time to take this beyond a hobby and work to develop important skills. In episode 204, I simplified the Top 10 poker HUD stats by telling you the 3 things you MUST know about each. 5 Key Concepts […]

My 2017 SMART Poker Goals | Podcast #121

SMART Poker Goals

I give my SMART Poker Goals for 2017 and they DO NOT center around making money this time.  Plus I give you 6 example goals you can keep for yourself. In case you missed it, in Episode 120 I discussed an all-important topic in every form of NLHE that we must understand: blind vs blind situations. Why […]

2016 SMART Poker Goals | Q&A | Smart Poker Study Podcast #6

2016 SMART Poker Goals

I tell you my 2016 Poker Goals in this Q&A! In case you missed it, in episode 5 I talked about how the incredible book called ‘The ONE Thing’ has revolutionized my life and my poker game. Q&A – 2016 SMART Poker Goals | Podcast #6 Today I discussed my 2016 Poker Goals at the request of Mr. […]