Maximizing Your HUD Part 3: Using Popups | Podcast #58


This is the third episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: Using Popups. Utilizing the HUD is great, but it’s the popups that really allow you to get in there and rip your opponent’s game to shreds. The default popups that come with PT4 can be too complicated with stats all over the place and […]

Maximizing Your HUD Part 2: Exploiting Opponents | Podcast #56

Exploiting Opponents

This is the second episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: Exploiting Opponents. In this episode, I’ll help you build out your HUD with some key stats for exploiting opponents both pre and post-flop. You’ll learn more about Raise First In, Raise/Fold to 3bet, Cbet and Fold to Cbet stats over multiple streets.  I’ll also […]

Maximizing Your HUD Part 1: HUD Essentials | Podcast #54

HUD Essentials

This is the first episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: HUD Essentials. In this one, you will learn best practices in how to gradually adopt a HUD (heads-up display) into your game and the 7 essential elements you must learn first. Listen to episode #54: HUD Essentials Gradual Implementation (3:00) Step One: Learn what […]