Q&A: 3betting, Cbetting and Set Mining #209

set mining

I answer 3 questions about studying and playing 3bet pots, improved cbetting through better understanding of range/board interaction and set mining. In episode 208, I discussed how you can smartly and gradually up the aggression in both your preflop and post-flop games. Q1: 3betting and Hand Reading Practice (3:05) From: Ruben Q: I think my […]

Leak 5: Pull the Trigger on +EV Aggressive Plays | Podcast #195

I discuss the strategies you can employ to help you pull the trigger on +EV aggressive plays and ditch the fear surrounding them. In episode 194, I discussed the leak of skipping +EV aggressive plays because you’re afraid of losing money, making a mistake or looking like a fool. Calculate Costs (3:05) I said in […]

Q&A: Improving 3bet Play and Late Stage MTT Strategies | Episode 190

I answer 3 questions about improving your 3bet play, defending against 3bets and late stage MTT strategies. In episode 189, I discussed the leak of open limping and how you can plug it. Q1: Improving Your 3bet Play (2:55) From: TJ Q: The one poker skill I need to improve is 3 betting Answer: The most […]

Getting More Bread & Butter in Your Poker Play Sessions | Podcast #187

In this episode, I discuss how to get more Bread & Butter out of your poker play sessions and how to avoid non-B&B spots. In episode 186, I played for you a chapter from my upcoming book, ‘Preflop Online Poker.’  The chapter is called Stealing Fundamentals. You control your actions (2:30) You might not realize it, […]

Mental Game Control and 3bet Defense Post-flop Strategies | Podcast #183

I discuss mental game control strategies and post-flop 3bet pot strategies to help you plug the leak of losing money when calling 3bets. In episode 182, I answered multiple Q’s about turbo MTT’s, Harrington’s M, folding strong hands and more. Mental Game Control (1:55) Mental game lapses in judgement are imperative to fix. Knowing the […]