Blind Versus Blind Situations: Preflop Online Poker Excerpt | Podcast #192

I play for you “Blind Versus Blind Situations”, a chapter from my latest audiobook, Preflop Online Poker. In episode 191, I discussed the leak of ignoring your physical health and what you can do to get on a healthy track. Sub-domino 4.3: Blind Versus Bind Situations (4:20) The 3 Blind Versus Blind Considerations (4:20) Follow Your […]

Blind Vs Blind | MED #4 Class 3 | Poker Podcast #120

blind vs blind

I conclude MED #4 on Blind Play as I discuss blind vs blind confrontations along with the most important stats that will help you take down more pots pre-flop. Episode 119 contained commentary from a 25NL session I played.  I made some good plays and some mistakes, but I talked some valuable strategy throughout. 4 Step […]

Post-flop Blind Defense | MED #4 Class 2 | Poker Podcast #113

post-flop blind defense

I continue MED #4 on blind play as I discuss post-flop blind defense in both HU and MW pots, and hunting for and plugging post-flop leaks. Assuming a Good Pre-flop Plan (2:30) To simplify things, we’re going to make a few assumptions: We’re OOP We made a pre-flop plan for post-flop play Because we’re OOP […]

Pre-flop Blind Defense | MED #4 Class 1 | Poker Podcast #110

pre-flop blind defense

I begin MED #4 on blind play with pre-flop blind defense.  I discuss the most important concepts to understand, and 4 pre-flop blind leaks. In episode #108, I showed you what to look for when fighting back against your opponent’s 3bet aggression. Making a Plan (3:45) Blind Basics (6:25) In the long run, you’ll be […]