Strategies and Action Steps from the Quick Wins Poker Course

I’m about to give you 10 quick and critical strategies and actions steps that will take you from a losing to a winning player. These are the 10 modules within the Quick Wins Poker course which is the first course in The Poker Forge. I’ll give you the most important strategy to take away from […]

Pirate Day Q&A: Bluffing with AK, Facing Raises and +EV Play #257

I answer questions about bluffing with AK, facing raises after cbet bluffing and developing a +EV intuition. Listen to Dread Pirate Sky as you follow along below… Q1: Bluffing on the Flop with AK (3:30) One last question:  when having AK in hand, naturally make a value bet at the preflop with something like 3-4bb.  […]

Making More Double-barrel Bluff Cbets | #222

In this episode, I discuss why (and how) we should double-barrel cbet more frequently on the turn. In episode 221, I answered your questions with actions you MUST take right now to improve you post-flop play and your reactions to losing big money. Question from Mark: I am way to turn honest because my cbet […]

Q&A: 3betting, Cbetting and Set Mining #209

set mining

I answer 3 questions about studying and playing 3bet pots, improved cbetting through better understanding of range/board interaction and set mining. In episode 208, I discussed how you can smartly and gradually up the aggression in both your preflop and post-flop games. Q1: 3betting and Hand Reading Practice (3:05) From: Ruben Q: I think my […]

Reacting to Cbet Defense Plays | MED #6 Class 4 | Poker Podcast #137

cbet defense

In this episode I discuss the cbet defense shenanigans your opponents could utilize: check-raises, IP raises, floats and slow playing… oh, my. In episode 136 I discussed how to implement game tape in your poker studies.  This is the most beneficial yet neglected study technique, so you’ve got to do it. You’ve made the Cbet, now what? (3:15) […]