Mother’s Day Q&A – Helping You Become the Player You’re Meant to Be

Mother's Day Q&A

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I love releasing new Q&A episodes. My mom’s guidance was instrumental in my life, and I love paying it forward to my audience. Q&A’s allow me to help you with exactly what you need to know along your path to becoming the player you want to be. Happy Mother’s Day! […]

6 Strategies to Win the Next 6 Months – Jim Kwik Inspired!

Yowza! 2021 is already half way done!!! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? I received an email the other day from Jim Kwik, a memory expert, author and podcaster. As he says on his website, “My life’s passion and mission are to create a smarter and more caring world by helping you reclaim your […]

Poker Development Plan, Outs & Odds Practice, Overboard HUD Use | Q&A

3 great questions today about a recommended poker development plan, practicing outs and odds math and going overboard with HUD use. I love answering questions, and I know the answers below will help you. Speaking of helping you, this page with all the links below can be your study guide for the next 2+ months! […]

Top 5 Tips for Better Hand Reading without Using Solvers

The ability to figure out what poker hands your opponent could be holding, also known as hand reading, is one of the key aspects of your game. The best poker players in the world are using solvers to train this process and understand ranges in different situations. Listen to this article as a podcast: However, […]

Q&A: Post-flop Hand Reading, Facing Cbets & Desperation Tilt | #221

In this episode, I answer your questions with actions you MUST take right now to improve you post-flop play and your reactions to losing big money. In episode 220, I discussed how a weekly study plan will improve your study efficiency and avoid poker overwhelm. Q1: Hand Reading On-the-Felt (2:55) From: Ricardo Valenzuela Q: My […]

Poker Excerpt from How to Study Poker Volume 2 | Podcast #159

poker excerpt

I share with you a poker excerpt from the ‘How to Study Poker Volume 2’ Audiobook. I talk hand reading, article studies and database reviews. Poker Excerpt from ‘How to Study Poker Volume 2’ (3:45) This is a poker excerpt from Day 2 of my latest book. I kick off this day of study with […]