Poker and the Minimum Effective Dose | Podcast #87

The minimum effective dose is the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.  In this podcast series, I’m giving you the minimum effective dose strategies among 10 different themes you MUST learn to turn yourself into the profitable poker player you want to be. Updated! Originally posted August 16, 2016. The 10 MED’s of […]

Getting More Bread & Butter in Your Poker Play Sessions | Podcast #187

In this episode, I discuss how to get more Bread & Butter out of your poker play sessions and how to avoid non-B&B spots. In episode 186, I played for you a chapter from my upcoming book, ‘Preflop Online Poker.’  The chapter is called Stealing Fundamentals. You control your actions (2:30) You might not realize it, […]

Poker Focus Session #2 – Opening Hands & HH Rev

Poker Focus Session 2 HH Review

I recently played another cash Poker Focus Session, this time at 10NL.  My main focus in the session was once again on opening hands. Opening is the most common play in poker.  The more I’m acquainted w/opening, the better my overall game will be.  This is a minimum effective dose (MED) for poker and everyone […]

Poker Focus Session #1 – Opening Hands

poker opening hands

Last night I played a short 5NL cash session focused on opening hands online w/ a reader w/ the screen name rocrivers.  Super cool guy, but I can only imagine now that he thinks I’m a crazy LAG donk b/c of the style I was playing. Over 296 hands last night I was playing […]