Every Study and Play Session Is Your Time To Shine

Every play session and every study session is your time to shine. These are your opportunities to be the player that you want to be. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below:   I love the expression, “It’s your time to shine.” It reminds me of my time as a restaurant manager. […]

Jan Philippi Interview | Psychologist and Poker Mindfulness Teacher

I had the great opportunity to interview Jan Philippi. He’s an ex-poker pro, psychologist, mindfulness teacher, positive psychology trainer and psychotherapist in training. He’s a great coach and has a wealth of positive mindfulness tips he gives us in this episode. Listen to our interview:   Or watch Jan and I on YouTube: Jan and […]

Smart Poker Study Audiobook Excerpts

I’m a huge fan of audiobook listening as it helps pass the time when doing the mundane: chores, commuting, jogging, etc. I even listened to all 47 hours and 47 minutes of Stephen King’s The Stand!!! And they’re great for poker education, too. I use audiobooks to help reinforce the strategies and techniques I learn […]

The 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Podcast Episodes

It’s the 12 Days of Christmas… Merry Christmas! My gift to you, a new podcast episode every day through Christmas Day. Give ’em a listen below. The 12 Days of Christmas 🎄 The First Day of Christmas 🎄 I ain’t got time for that! 🎅 The Second Day of Christmas 🎅 Money is tight 🤶 The Third […]

Poker Downswing, Boredom and Improved Focus | Q&A Podcast #235

I answer questions about handling a poker downswing, improving on-the-felt focus and avoiding poker boredom. In case you missed episode 233, I reviewed Poker Satellite Strategy by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter. Q1: Poker Downswing (3:05) From: Graham Wright Q: Right now, I’m in a poker downswing. Biggest one of my life. -$9,200 in 15 sessions. 2-5-10 […]

5 Essential Concepts for Poker Profitability | Episode #207

I discuss the 5 essential concepts for poker profitability: EV, play the player, bankroll management, table selection and the mental game. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: 1. EV Decision-making (2:55) EV stands for expected value, and it’s the value of a prospective play. Why is EV Decision-making important? Thinking in […]