Mother’s Day Q&A – Helping You Become the Player You’re Meant to Be

Mother's Day Q&A

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I love releasing new Q&A episodes. My mom’s guidance was instrumental in my life, and I love paying it forward to my audience. Q&A’s allow me to help you with exactly what you need to know along your path to becoming the player you want to be. Happy Mother’s Day! […]

Figuring Out the Best Flops to Bluff On with Flopzilla Pro

In this episode, I give you the number 1 lesson I’ve learned from years of using Flopzilla Pro and how you can use this software to improve your flop play. Listen to the podcast as you follow along below: The #1 Lesson I’ve Learned from Flopzilla Pro I’ve been using Flopzilla and the newest incarnation […]

Before Calling Preflop, Plan for Post-flop Float Bets and Probe Bets

I will help you plan and execute float bets and probe bets. These are great post-flop bluffs when the time, and the opponent, is right. Listen to episode #360: How Often Do You Hit Flops? The #1 reason players call preflop is because they have a hand they want to see the flop with. They […]

The Donk Bet | MED #8 Class 2 | Poker Podcast #146

donk bet

In this episode, I discuss the donk bet: why you should rarely do it and also how to defend against it because it’s employed by many of your weak opponents. In episode 145, I discussed the aggressive and fun to use Check-raise play.  This is a great way to neutralize your opponent’s positional advantage, and […]

The Check-raise | MED #8 Class 1 | Poker Podcast #145

the check-raise

In this episode, I discuss the aggressive check-raise play.  This is great for both value and bluff raises, but like everything else in poker, it’s success is dependent upon the situation you’re in. In episode 144, I discussed my Observation HUD which I use to help train myself to be more observant of my opponent’s […]