Poker Q&A: MTT Variance, Playing Small-Medium Pocket Pairs, a Hand Review

In this poker Q&A, I answer questions about expected MTT variance with small samples, playing small-medium pocket pairs and a turn calling decision for all the chips! Listen to the Q&A as you follow along below: Action First, Learn Later You are about to see my answers to 3 different questions. But I want you […]

Q&A: Improving 3bet Play and Late Stage MTT Strategies | Episode 190

I answer 3 questions about improving your 3bet play, defending against 3bets and late stage MTT strategies. In episode 189, I discussed the leak of open limping and how you can plug it. Q1: Improving Your 3bet Play (2:55) From: TJ Q: The one poker skill I need to improve is 3 betting Answer: The most […]

Breaking Down the Rejam | Poker Podcast #116


I discuss the rejam in poker tourneys (MTT or SNG): 3bet re-shoving as a bluff to pickup valuable bets, blinds and antes when you’re short-stacked. What is the Rejam? The Rejam is a 3bet bluff shove over a pre-flop raiser with the intention of stealing his open, the blinds and antes.  This is an aggressive […]

Your Poker Leaks #5: Nitty Late Stage MTT Play | Podcast #47

Nitty Late Stage MTT Play

I’m finally getting to the leak that Dom proposed back in episode 42 of having difficulty w/late stage MTT play.  I’m assuming for most people with this leak, it’s one of nitty late stage MTT play: not being aggressive enough.  It’s time for us to open up our game and start stealing more in order to […]