Poker Development Plan, Outs & Odds Practice, Overboard HUD Use | Q&A

3 great questions today about a recommended poker development plan, practicing outs and odds math and going overboard with HUD use. I love answering questions, and I know the answers below will help you. Speaking of helping you, this page with all the links below can be your study guide for the next 2+ months! […]

Counting Outs and Making Profitable Calls

Do you understand outs and odds math? Do you use it to make profitable post-flop drawing calls? There is a huge issue that many players face… they don’t know how to determine whether their draw is worth chasing. Maybe you’ve faced this problem: You flop a flush draw and your opponent bets 2/3 pot. You […]

Q&A: Post-flop Bet Sizing, Upping Aggression and Total Implied Odds | Episode 157

total implied odds

In this episode, I answer three of your questions about post-flop bet sizing, working to increase your aggression and total implied odds. Q1: Post-flop Bet Sizing (2:20) This came in from Han Trinh: The issue is post-flop value bet sizing against different board textures, when to slow play or fast play, and when to be […]

Poker Math – Outs and Odds

There are many aspects to poker that you learn as you play and study over time.  For example: Knowing when it’s optimal to use ICM in your decisions or not Spotting great opportunities to pull off big bluffs Committing to double or triple-barrel based on your opponent’s post flop stats But, there are some things […]