Loose-Aggressive Tournament Players, Data Mining, Calling with Kings | Q&A #253

I answer questions about data mining, calling preflop with the best pocket pairs and facing loose-aggressive tournament poker players. Listen to the episode as you follow along below Question 1: Fighting Loose-Aggressive Tournament Players (2:50) I do have a question about tournaments which I play, kind of a classic question probably. I’m sure you have […]

Passive Poker, $40 Profit per Day and Play the Player | Q&A #242

I answer 3 profit-related questions about passive poker, earning $40 per day and playing the player. In case you missed episode 241, I discussed 3 off-the-felt tactics you must do to increase your poker profits: hand reading, daily study and game tape review. This is the 3rd episode in the Month of Profits. Q1: Leak: […]