Labor Day Poker Forge Q&A

In this Labor Day Q&A, I answer 5 questions from Poker Forge Members and give recommendations for videos within the Forge that address each question. Listen to the Q&A Episode as you follow along below:   #1: Filtering for Hands Played Outside of Your Ranges Question from Ian: I would like to filter my database […]

Strategies and Action Steps from the Quick Wins Poker Course

I’m about to give you 10 quick and critical strategies and actions steps that will take you from a losing to a winning player. These are the 10 modules within the Quick Wins Poker course which is the first course in The Poker Forge. I’ll give you the most important strategy to take away from […]

Q&A: Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Poker Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio

What are polarized ranges? How do I go from LIVE to online poker? What the heck is the PFR/VPIP Ratio? I’m answering your 🔥 burning 🔥 poker questions. Listen to episode #296: Q&A on Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio 1st Question: Polarized Ranges Hello, Sky. Just wanted to ask if […]

How to do Poker Hand Reading

Hand reading is the #1 skill in poker, and it’s well worth the time it takes to perfect your use of it both on- and off-the-felt. What is Hand Reading in Poker? Hand Reading (aka Hand Ranging) is assigning a player a logical range of hands based on their actions, then making the most +EV […]

Leak 7: Using Preflop 2bet Ranges From Poker Coaches | Podcast #199

using poker coaches ranges

I help you plug the leak of straying outside of profitable preflop 2bet and 2bet calling ranges by utilizing ranges created by poker coaches. In episode 198, I helped you diagnose the leak of straying outside of profitable preflop 2bet and 2bet calling ranges. The 5 F’s of utilizing preflop 2bet ranges from poker coaches. Find […]

Leak 7: Diagnosing the Leak of Straying Outside of 2bet Pot Ranges | Podcast #198

2bet pot podcast

I help you diagnose a costly preflop 2bet pot leak that’s killing your win rate: straying outside of profitable 2betting and 2bet calling ranges. In episode 197, I helped you plan your weekly poker studies so you can build important skills into your game. Introduction to the Leak (3:10) You must make good preflop 2bet […]