3 Favorite Exploits Using the Smart HUD – also for LIVE players!

I share my 3 favorite Smart HUD exploits by telling you exactly what to look for with 3 perfect example hands. And, I break it down so non-HUD and LIVE players will also be able to use these exploits. Let’s get you more profitable with the Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4. Listen to the podcast […]

Before Calling Preflop, Plan for Post-flop Float Bets and Probe Bets

I will help you plan and execute float bets and probe bets. These are great post-flop bluffs when the time, and the opponent, is right. Listen to episode #360: How Often Do You Hit Flops? The #1 reason players call preflop is because they have a hand they want to see the flop with. They […]

Post-flop Poker Talk on Anchor | Podcast #155

Post-flop Poker Talk Pod

In this episode, I share 5 of my post-flop focused Anchor segments from the past 8 weeks of almost daily Anchor App usage. In episode 154, I discussed my daily 2-5 minute Anchor podcast where I share with you random poker thoughts about studying, strategies and mindset. More Probes & Floats (2:40) This Anchor segment […]