Q&A: Poker Study Apathy, Playing JTo and Learning from Showdowns #206

In this episode, I answer 4 questions about poker study apathy, listening to old SPS episodes, playing JTo and learning from LIVE showdown hands. In episode 205, I discussed the 5 key concepts that every fresh-faced poker student must explore. Q1: Poker Study Apathy (3:00) From: Max Q: At the moment I have a personal […]

Learning From Showdowns | ‘The Hand Reading Lab’ Part 1 | Podcast #64


I teach you why paying attention to showdowns is absolutely vital in gaining reads on your opponents and improving your hand reading skills.   Learning from Showdowns Podcast Mission (8:40) My mission for today is to teach you the importance of hand reading and to discuss the what, the why and the how of hand […]