The Numbers Behind 7 Critical HUD Statistics

I’ve always been a “numbers guy”. I love math; majored in math in university, taught SAT math and I use it everyday in my poker and coaching. The HUD statistic math I’m about to share with you will help you analyze your stats and win rates as well as exploit your opponents based on their […]

Q&A: Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Poker Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio

What are polarized ranges? How do I go from LIVE to online poker? What the heck is the PFR/VPIP Ratio? I’m answering your 🔥 burning 🔥 poker questions. Listen to episode #296: Q&A on Polarized Ranges, LIVE to Online Transition and the PFR/VPIP Ratio 1st Question: Polarized Ranges Hello, Sky. Just wanted to ask if […]

Simplifying the Top 10 Poker HUD Stats | Podcast #204

Top 10 HUD Stats

I simplify the Top 10 poker HUD stats by telling you the 3 things you MUST know about each. In episode 203, I discussed how recording and reviewing poker play sessions is the #1 strategy that you MUST employ. If you can’t explain it simply… (2:50) This episode is inspired by a quote from Albert […]

Maximizing Your HUD Part 1: HUD Essentials | Podcast #54

HUD Essentials

This is the first episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: HUD Essentials. In this one, you will learn best practices in how to gradually adopt a HUD (heads-up display) into your game and the 7 essential elements you must learn first. Listen to episode #54: HUD Essentials Gradual Implementation (3:00) Step One: Learn what […]

Poker HUD Stat Analysis: PFR

  So you’ve been using poker tracking software and its accompanying poker HUD for a while now.  Do you fully grasp what each stat is within your HUD and how to use them for maximum benefit and profits at the tables? This is the second in a series of posts dedicated to understanding the various […]