Maximizing Your HUD Part 1: HUD Essentials | Podcast #54

HUD Essentials

This is the first episode in my Maximizing Your HUD series: HUD Essentials. In this one, you will learn best practices in how to gradually adopt a HUD (heads-up display) into your game and the 7 essential elements you must learn first. Listen to episode #54: HUD Essentials Gradual Implementation (3:00) Step One: Learn what […]

My New Poker HUD Part 1 – Hero & Table Stats

My study time over the past two weeks has been spent working on my poker HUD.  After watching the latest training videos from Assassinato (MTT HUDs Classroom) and Apestyles (Stars 200r HH replay) on, I decided to turn mine into a combination of the their two HUD’s. I’m doing this post about my HUD […]