Poker Development Plan, Outs & Odds Practice, Overboard HUD Use | Q&A

3 great questions today about a recommended poker development plan, practicing outs and odds math and going overboard with HUD use. I love answering questions, and I know the answers below will help you. Speaking of helping you, this page with all the links below can be your study guide for the next 2+ months! […]

Tadas Peckaitis Helps You Study the Game of Poker | Podcast #279

Tadas Peckaitis of stops by to share 3 critical aspects to effective poker study. I love everything he discusses here, especially his idea of the balance between poker play and study, and their circular relationship with the level of your skill edge. It’s a very interesting and smart concept. Listen to this Podcast Episode […]

Your Poker Study Guide for 2020

2020 is fast approaching and it’s about time you activated your poker study habit, eh? Too many of us go willy-nilly from one video to the next, or binge listen to dozens of podcasts without even putting one piece of poker strategy to use.  Well, no more! This is your ultimate poker study guide for […]

Avoid Overwhelm in Your Online Poker Studies #220

In this episode, I discuss how a weekly study plan will improve your study efficiency, avoid overwhelm and will give you maximum value from free and paid-for online poker content. Challenge (2:20) Here’s my challenge to you for this episode:  For the next seven days, complete your first planned week of study and play. Download […]

Leak 6: Willy-Nilly Poker Studies | Podcast #197

In this episode, I discuss self-planning your weekly poker studies so you can build important skills into your game. In episode 196, I answered 3 questions about getting beyond the micros and avoiding Zoom poker, taking LIVE poker notes and learning to use popup stats. Quantity of Study and Play (3:10) Too many people are […]

Q&A: Tilt Control, Acting Too Fast and a Weekly Game Plan | Episode 193

I answer 3 questions about how to work on tilt control, how to not act too fast and I give you a weekly game plan for study and play. In episode 192, I played for you a chapter from my latest audiobook, ‘Preflop Online Poker’.  The chapter is called “Blind Versus Blind Situations”. Q1: Tilt Control […]