Tight-Aggressive Style: Making Money in Microstakes Online Cash Games

Bright idea: a tight-aggressive style (TAG) makes money in the microstakes! I created a 4-part series of videos called the KISS Cash Game Ranges Series (you can find them below). My KISS ranges were first introduced in my book Pre-flop Online Poker and they are designed to turn you into a tight-aggressive player. This gives […]

You MUST Work to Understand Your Opponents | Podcast #335

In my efforts to understand my opponents better, I’ve developed a system to help train myself to think about my opponents. I use Focus Sessions of just one table at a time for this practice. By playing just one table, I have enough brain space to observe all the action to make as many reads […]

How to Spot and Exploit the 4 Common Poker Player Types | Podcast #289

I help you categorize your opponents into their respective player types based on stats and tendencies. I also give some easy-to-use exploits against each. Listen to this podcast episode #289: You MUST Understand Player Types “The money available to a player winning long term comes from other players’ willingness to put money into the pot […]

Moving from TAG to LAG Play | Poker Podcast #208

Going from TAG to LAG play

I discuss how you can smartly and safely increase your aggression and go from TAG play to LAG play both preflop and post-flop. In episode 207, I answered 4 questions about studying apathy, the SPS archive, JTo and learning from showdowns. The Appeal of LAG Play (2:35) Going from a TAG style to a LAG […]